As a center, we have declared that 2015 will be the year of territorial connection. For us, it has been extremely important to be witnesses of how synergically the spaces for community work have opened, being the same students the central column of this venture, turning themselves as true agents
of development.

We feel it is necessary for academia to go out and build links with the community via their students, lecturers and professionals. The knowledge we generate -that previously remained in our buildings- is now flowing and transforming the reality of the inhabitants of our region.

This is a lesson our students are teaching us, by accepting the mission to change and improve the quality of life of the communities they are working with. Although there is a national students strike ongoing, It is inspiring to see how university students, high school students and young community leaders (who are sometimes classified as “vulnerable population”) can become such strong agents of development, as soon as someone shows them the available possibilities to take action.

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