YEPI Glossary of Terms

Youth Entrepreneurship Partnership Initiative 




Initiative:   The composite set of programs at partner institutions funded through YEPI

YEPI Program:  The cumulative site specific YEPI effort at an individual partner institution.

Project(s):   Discrete, individual efforts within the overall YEPI program at each partner institution (set of individual efforts that together comprise a site’s YEPI program).

Learning Partner:  The role assigned to the University of Minnesota team to support the YEPI partner institutions in their program development, implementation, and evaluation as well as provide the Talloires Network Secretariat with consultation throughout the initiative about ways to advance and enhance YEPI.

Partner Institution:  One of the eight funded sites in which the YEPI activities are housed, coordinated, facilitated, developed, and delivered.



Community Partners:  any external partner involved in the site’s YEPI efforts, which may include non-profit organizations, neighborhoods, businesses, faith-based institutions, governmental agencies, and other organizations outside of the partner institution.

Staff:  Individuals whose primary responsibilities are to advance the goals and project activities of the partner institution’s YEPI program.

U-Admin/Faculty:  Individuals internal to the institution of higher education who are associated with a partner institution’s YEPI program in some fashion and who serve to facilitate project goals and participant development, such as mentoring participants, advising YEPI staff and university leaders, teaching courses and workshops, and other activities to support and advance the program.

Students/Youth Participants:  Students enrolled as undergraduates in institutions of higher education, but may also refer to people of college age who may not be enrolled in a higher education institution, who are engaged in activities facilitated by the YEPI efforts.


Evaluation: The assessment of the progress on the goals and outcomes of each partner institution’s YEPI activities

Social Entrepreneurship:  social business endeavor (for profit or not for profit) designed to empower community members and partners to transform social capital in a way that affects them and their society positively.

Entrepreneurship:  the process of identifying and starting a business venture, sourcing and organizing the required resources and taking both the risks and rewards associated with the venture.

Mentorship:  The provision of support, advice, and/or guidance from an experienced individual or group or to a less seasoned individual or group.

Internship:  Activities, paid or unpaid, in which individuals gain experience through active participation in an organization or agency to gain particular knowledge, skills, and experience for professional, civic, and/or personal development.

Employment:  Generation of income by working for an employer.

Self-employed:   Generation of income by working for one’s self.


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