For most of the people, entrepreneurship are associated to business school, because we have learned that business development is an exclusive task of the people who studied business. Nothing could be futher from the truth. But, swicht this paradigm is not a pice of cake, and become in a major challenge when these people is the same people that are preparing the future professionals.

Throughout YEPI project, the Universidad Veracruzana (UV) has established an initiative to promete the entrepreneurship among its fellowships, the “Emprende UV” program. Emprende UV is based on the believe that entrepreneurship is more than doing business. For UV, entrepreneurship is also an attitude that has to be present in every moment of our life, no matter if you are studying, working for someone else or managing your own business. Only work with students is not enough to change the paradigm, it is also necessary to cease the old practices of the professor because they are the trainers of the future professionals.

For that reason, Emprende UV has develop a new workshop in entrepreneurship and innovation for academics, the objetive is to break off old teaching practices and to promote the creative thinking as entrepreneur developers. It is also, a training of the trainers’ workshop, whose implication is related to create a new habit from the personal fulfillment to the self-evaluation.

Universidad Veracruzana | Administrator of the Engagement Department

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