Talking about Mexico and Pakistan brings to your mind the idea of two completily different contries. But, when you have the opporunity to share experience with people as Maryam and Saad , you can realise that theses contries are not as far from each other as the maps say. Actually, Mexico and Pakistan share more than a YEPI program. Culturaly and geographicaly speaking, as well as the idiocincrasy similutudes and even the weather are closer than you can imagine.

From September 28th to October 5th, YEPI UV hosted the visit of Maryam Ahmed and Saad Idrees, Co-Directors of the Social Innovation Lab at LUMS from Lahore, Pakistan. During their stay, Maryam and Saad visited 3 of the 5 UV’s campuses, where we have the opportunity to interchange experience, knowledge and receive feedback from one another.

Throughout that week, Maryam and Saad knew diverse projects from Veracruz, Xalapa and Cordoba-Orizaba region. Focalizing their attention on those projects with a strong social component. Furthermore, they had the chance to talk directely with social entrepreneurs and beneficiaries of the UV’s Projects. That was the case of women wool weavers from Tlaquilpan, an indiginal town located in the montains of Zongolica, who have developed a sustainable social enterprise, with the support and tracking of the UV.

This project resembles the project of women carpet weavers that SIL is developing in the north of Pakistan. Something that was amazing for everyone, because if we take off the languague barrier and the tag of contries name, you wouldn’t be able to note the different. That encourage us (UV and SIL) to start developing projects together and keep learning.

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