Almost 3 years have passed since YEPI started at Universidad Veracruzana (UV). From that time so far, many changes have taken place at UV, most of them have represented a big challenge for YEPI team at the Engagement Department. Mobilized more than 75,000 students and more than 12,000 faculty and staff member is not an easy task. For that reason, we decided to remake our engagement model, providing to UV a new perspective of how we wanted to engage with our community, the private and the governmental sectors. To this end, we focused all of our efforts in two main projects that we called as “Macro-projects”: 1) Entrepreneurship for Labor Insertion, and Scientific and Technological Innovation, and 2) Social Transformation.

Overall, both “Macro-projects” have it own goals, strategies and programs that allow us to switch from the theory to the practice. Today, I want to bring your attention to the first one, which is “Entrepreneurship for Labor Insertion, and Scientific and Technological Innovation”. This project is working in 3 axes, which actually are running as a system, where entrepreneurship is the trigger for the next 2 processes, but they can even work independently one another. 

The hypothesis is that if we encourage the change of attitude throughout entrepreneurship, no matter the pathway that any student, faculty or staff chose to follow, they will start to think different, acting different and developing new ideas for solving problems. The three programs, which conform this Macro-project are: 1) Promotion of Entrepreneurship among UV’s fellows, 2) Technology and Knowledge Transfer Through Fostering the Applied Research, 3) Increase the Quality of Professional Training for Students in Alliance with the Private Sector. 

To summarize, we have conducted some tracking studies for students and graduated, as well as faculty member, and after 3 years of working with this new model, we have seen changes in tendencies. For instance, more and more students have started the process for incubate startups, and even more, some of them are operating their ventures already. On the other hand, we have observed an increase in the rate of hired graduates, whom most of them catch the first job in 6 months or less (not bad for a country with economic difficulties). Finally, patent request as maxim expression of the innovation effort is growing faster, that means that many of our faculty and researches have understood the core of the entrepreneurship. 

As we can observe, the impact of YEPI in the Universidad Veracruzana has been deeper than we thought. YEPI became in the pretext for change the ecosystem of an old-fashion University and its interaction with the private sector. Changes in the educational sector are slows, but they are necessary, for that reason, we still working for finishing this model that we want to share in the future with other TN partners as a replicable model. If you are interested in replicated the model or you wanted to know more about it, please do not doubt to contact me at

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