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Three presenters from LivingStone International University (LIU), Mbale, Uganda
(L-R): Stephen Wamembo (fourth-year student), Deborah Nassanga (fourth-year student), and Filliam Efiti (Dean and Lecturer at School of Media Technology)

On October 27th 2016 Efiti Filliam, Nassanga Deborah, and Wamembo Stephen in Uganda conducted a webinar on Internship Program and Community Engagement. Efiti is an awardee of the Talloires Network's University Education for Transformative Leadership in Africa (UETLA) Faculty Support Grant.

Filliam Efiti is the Dean and Lecturer at the School of Media Technology, LivingStone International University (LIU), Mbale, Uganda. Community engagement at the University centers around the Internship Program in which Filliam is the initiator and coordinator. This compulsory, credit-bearing Internship Program effectively stimulates the development and education of both students and communities. Some major community partners of LIU include Bungokho Rural Development Center, Jenga Center, and Good News Production International (GNPI). Ongoing projects have helped construct energy saving stoves for rural communities, train hair dressing and entrepreneurial skills for local young females, build public health and leadership capacity for both students and communities, and organize workshops on internship and leadership.

In this webinar, Filliam introduces his university and partnership with the local communities, Bungokho Rural Development Center and Jenga Community Development Center. He explains the approach, criteria, and objectives of their community-engaged internship program. Deborah and Stephen then elaborate how this internship program are beneficial to both students and communities. They show concrete examples, statistics, and images of their various projects such as construction of energy-saving stoves, video documentary shoot, income generation, community health and monitoring, and outreach to the needy.

Watch the webinar below and stay tuned for the next webinar from UETLA grantees!

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The Talloires Network invites you to join the discussion with our UETLA Faculty Support Grant awardee Filliam Efiti and his two students at the School of Media Technology and School of Business Administration, LivingStone International University (Mbale, Uganda) on the benefits, experiences, and challenges of internship partnering between the university and the local community.

When: 9-10 AM EST i.e. 4-5 PM Uganda time, Thursday October 27, 2016. Check your time zone here.

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1. Introduction by Filliam Efiti
2. Presentation by Debora Nassanga
3. Presentation by Stephen Wambebo 
4. Open discussion

Meet the panelists:
Filliam Efiti is the Dean and Lecturer at School of Media Technology, LivingStone International University. Professionally, he is a journalist and currently a PhD student in Communication and Media at Kisii University, Kenya. He has 25 years of experience in the field of media and community engagement ranging from African Development Bank Smallholders Agricultural Program in Uganda, Refugee Repatriation programs in Uganda and South Sudan with Danish Refugee Council, and Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) in Northern Uganda to Internship program entrenchment as solution to joblessness and community engagement in LivingStone International University. He will facilitate the webinar to discuss how the University’s Internship Program has ignited development in the community setting as well as provided optimum chances for interns to get employed and to create their own jobs.
Filliam will introduce how the combination of Internship Program and community engagement, a remarkable phenomenon in higher education, has helped community to become self-sustained while graduates have become more exposed and engaged. 

Deborah Nassanga is a fourth-year student at School of Media Technology. She coordinates Internship and Student-Community Engagement projects. She will continue this position until 2017. She leads 11 Media Technology students whose internship program relies on how to build attachment, intimacy and innovation in social and entrepreneurship with the communities through media, technology, and public communication (assertive communication style). They launched two major community attachment programs through meetings, practicum, and workshops. They are also shooting two documentaries this year in collaboration with community groups within Bungokho Rural Development Program.
Deborah held the position of Guild Speaker, and is well known for being a public speaker and community mobilizer in rural setting especially on health issues and community sustenance. She will present two practical cases of LivingStone International University's Internship Program: (i) workshop with communities on leadership and (ii) constructing energy saving stoves.

Stephen Wamembo is another fourth-year student pursuing Bachelor of Business Administration at Livingstone International University. He held several leadership positions which include but not limited to being Chairperson for Youth Ministry Bubulo Parish, Mbale Diocese Church of Uganda, General Secretary for Youth Leadership 2011-2016 of Manafwa Town Council, Minister for Academics/Disciplinary Affairs 2014-2015, Guild President of Livingstone International University 2015-2016, Student’s Mentor 2015-2016, Coordinator for Volunteering Club 2014-2016, Assistant Project Manager for English Club to support students from non-English speaking nations 2015-2016.
Stephen led the interns who were placed at Jenga Community Development Outreach (CDO) in 2016. He was involved in community engagement in health programs, entrepreneurship, and training community leaders and developing relations with the communities. He will present three practical cases of the Internship Program: (i) income generation for parents living with HIV and care givers of orphans, (ii) community health and monitoring, and (iii) outreach to the street children and remand home.

We look forward to seeing you in the webinar!
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