Looking at the excited paNhari alumni that attended the What Took You So Long (WTYSL) filming session, one could hardly believe we once struggled with reaching out to students to join our program. paNhari’s influence has grown so much that even for a one day filming with the WTYSL crew during vacation, students are willing to dump all their holiday plans and endure the scorching heat just to be a part of this event.

In their conversations during the filming, one could see that these were no longer the students that had come only because they had seen a poster. Their reasons for being part of paNhari were to a greater extent linked to the change hey had witnessed in their colleagues who had previously taken our classes. Now they wanted this change for themselves, and coming for the filming was a step towards that direction. Judging from the discussions they engaged in during this event, it was evident that these young leaders wanted to remember this day, when they finally succeeded in being captains of their own ships. Regardless of how tough the journey of an entrepreneur is, being around like minded people motivates these students to commit themselves. In a difficult economic environment like that of Zimbabwe, these youths still envision a future where a passion to solve a problem within everyone, will challenge the prevailing unemployment situation.

For us as paNhari, we can safely say we have learnt more about youth development from these students, than we have taught them. Through casual interactions such as these, young people have opened the door for us to share their concerns and needs. In turn, we try our level best to develop strategies that suit their needs better. Although our initiatives might not reap rewards immediately, we definitely know that one day we will partake in the gains of this "disruptive" movement!

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