"The best way to predict the future is to create it. For a long time I failed to create my own goals, discover my own strength and weaknesses because I lived other people’s dreams. A lot of my time was wasted on hopeless days and self-confidence never existed. I always saw myself as an underachiever, hopeless about the future but all that changed when I decided to take part in the PaNhari Passport to Success program. I was nominated to be the leader of the group and it helped me to believe in myself as I my sense of direction improved", said Class rep, Tinashe Mugwagwa

Fifty-seven students from the Passport to Success (PTS) and Leadership Development graduated courtesy of paNhari on the 27th of February 2016 at CUZ amidst pomp and fanfare. The students felt that the Courses helped them to understand critical life skills as well demystifying stereotypical misconceptions around leadership. Graduants were inspired a lot to think outside of the box and not undermine themselves but instead bring change to the world and my country Zimbabwe at large. The Courses challenged students to break out of their shells in order realise their dreams. Student after student concurred that they are quite conversant with the process of goal-setting and thus they have the courage to take risks.

The Leadership Course taught me practical aspect of life. My confidence was boosted through monitored presentations. At my workplace, colleagues do not see a mere intern from Catholic University, but they see the leadership qualities in me which were inculcated by paNhari leadership Course’, said Ashly Chabuka

The Graduation was officiated by the Dean of Commerce, Dennis Matandavare who applauded the partnership between paNhari and CUZ. He said institutions of higher learning must transform into institutions of innovative and entrepreneurial education based on the current market needs and should have well developed ties with industry and commerce, such as the relationship between paNhari and CUZ.

Passport to Success is a unique skills training program that is helping educational institutions, businesses, and governments bridge the skills gap between current employment opportunities and today’s young job seekers. The Leadership Skills Development Programme aims at equipping current and future business leaders with the right tools to managing enterprises in a manner that is fail safe, sustainable and profitable. It is a simple practical approach that is applicable to Zimbabwe, Africa and the world.

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