paNhari's goal of creating employment through fostering entrepreneurship continues being relevant, given the bad state of the Zimbabwe's economy. The ever increasing number of unemployed graduates in Zimbabwe is evidence that classroom technical skills by themselves are not sufficient to allow students to reach their full capacity. As a result, students equipped with soft skills remain a cut above the rest when it comes to looking for employment or creating their own. Even though the impact of soft skills is difficult to measure,testimonials from the last quarter show that the training offered by paNhari has yielded results. After taking up paNhari classes, here is what participants had to say about their experience with paNhari:

" Thank you so much for the discerning and motivational contributions you made towards developing the leader in us the students. I am very grateful I learnt a lot through the leadership class. I received great mentorship from my facilitator and he set a 'standard of fitness' that made me want to achieve all I can. Because of the skills acquired from this training, my horticultural project will be receiving funding from paNhari"- Patience Tapfuya.

"Joining paNhari changed so many aspects of my life. All three classes provided me with an opportunity to expand the way I think. They helped me realise what I was missing and introduced me to a lot of business opportunities, where I learnt a lot. paNhari was also the source of motivation for my business idea."- Samantha Katsande.

In the last couple of months we have noticed many youths in Zimbabwe protesting in the streets challenging the government to oust corrupt leaders. In various social media platforms and in informal class discussions we have noticed many youths discussing ideas on how to solve the economic crisis in Zimbabwe. In particular, paNhari entrepreneurs have started promoting the use of mobile money and plastic money in their business to avoid the burden and high transaction costs that are coming with the Cash Crisis. With paNhari's trainees demonstrating such innovative behaviour, it goes to show that all the three classes which make up paNhari's training provide a balanced framework for the development of a well-rounded youth who is able to tackle hurdles better. The soft skills offered in this program have proved to be a flexible tool which brings ease to the application of hard skills to practical work situations.

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