paNhari has produced an empowering video on their program. paNhari says,
"Lao Tzu stated that, "the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step," and this is a resounding truth for us. We stand amazed and awestruck at the growth our program has undergone...The essence of “Ubuntu” continues to be a strong propellant! While participating in a focus group a program participant highlighted, "I think of paNhari as us, the students”, a sense of ownership and individual capacity and capability have cascaded to students. This has allowed for the birth of a movement, small yet efficient and excited. We are encouraged by the feedback received and bringing to life of the vision of a generation of young educated Zimbabweans that are personally and economically empowered.
paNhari continues to bridge the gap. Assisting students transition from education to the labour market. This is achieved through non-cognitive skills and intensive entrepreneurship training and mentorship. The future of the nation lays in the young adults of today and we are invested in seeing them soar." 
Watch the video here:
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